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Construction Injuries

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Construction sites can be dangerous for workers. Even if you know and understand the risks of your job, you may still be injured due to your employer or other workers violating safety protocols that put your health—and even your life—in danger.

Because of the inherent risks at construction sites, it’s important for foremen, supervisors, and individual workers to follow strict guidelines for everything from operating vehicles and heavy machinery, to issuing approved safety equipment and responding to accidents and injuries.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, and some construction companies fail to train their workers or give them the resources they need to prevent serious accidents.

If you or a loved one were injured in a construction accident, the Savannah construction accident attorneys at Owens & Mulherin Injury Lawyers want to speak with you. We can help determine who is responsible for your injuries, and then we’ll fight to get you maximum compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. Contact us today—call 912-212-2100 or complete our online contact form.

Common Causes of Construction Site Injuries

Construction sites are full of dangerous and potentially deadly equipment, machinery, and situations. And whether a construction job involves a small building or a 100-floor skyscraper, workers can be seriously injured or even killed when safety protocols are violated.

Some of the most common causes of construction site accidents include:

  • Falls
    Multi-floor construction projects require lifts, elevators, and scaffolding to get to your worksite. When lifts and elevators aren’t properly installed and inspected—or when scaffolding isn’t secured—you can fall and suffer disabling and life-threatening injuries.
  • Dropped equipment and building materials
    Construction sites require that all employees and visitors wear hardhats due to risks posed by falling equipment, tools, and building materials. However, hardhats aren’t always effective in preventing injuries—especially if you are struck by a large and heavy item.
  • Electricity and heat
    Worksites can be full of dangerous electricity due to exposed wires, overhead and underground power lines, and faulty wiring, putting you at risk of shock and electrocution. You may also be at risk of severe thermal burns from things like steam, unsafe welding practices, and heavy machinery, or caustic burns from spilled or improperly stored chemicals.
  • Vehicle accidents
    Dump trucks, backhoes, forklifts, and heavy-duty pickup trucks are prevalent at construction sites. Workers like you can be at risk of suffering severe injuries when the drivers and operators of these vehicles fail to follow proper safety protocol while loading and unloading cargo or backing up.
  • Repetitive motions and lifting heavy objects
    If your construction job requires you to frequently lift heavy objects or perform repetitive motions, you may have developed musculoskeletal injuries. These injuries can include damage to the spinal cord and muscles in the neck, back, and legs, causing you to suffer chronic pain and making it difficult or impossible for you to continue doing your job.

No matter what type of injury you suffered at your construction job, our legal team will work hard to find out if it was preventable. Many construction-site-related injuries are caused by poor or nonexistent worker training, a lack of safety protocols, and a failure to provide workers with proper safety equipment. Our Savannah construction injury attorneys are ready to hold the parties responsible for your injuries accountable for their negligence.

You have rights—let us protect them

Pursuing a claim for a construction site injury can be difficult without experienced legal representation on your side, as many construction companies are represented by big insurance providers. At Owens & Mulherin, our Savannah construction accident lawyers won’t back down when it comes to protecting your rights to maximum compensation.

We have nearly 20 years of experience fighting for injured victims, and we know what it takes to build claims that get results. Contact us today at 912-212-2100 or by completing our online consultation form. There are no upfront costs to speak with us, and our services are free unless we get money for you—that’s our No Fee Guarantee®.

Reviews From Our Clients
  • "I was pregnant and injured in an automobile accident. Mr. Owens, personally, came to the hospital. He told me he would handle everything, I just needed to get healthy for the baby and myself. Mr. Owens did everything he said he would. I highly recommend Owens and Mulherin. Everyone in their office is friendly and informative. You're not just another client with them, they genuinely care." - Lindsay Chadwick

  • "Highly recommend working with this group!! They are very friendly, understanding, caring people and very easy to talk to. They Gave us plenty of time to talk with them. Did not make us feel rushed and explained everything thoroughly. Made the experience the best possible and we had a positive outcome during a tragic time. Thank you to the attorneys and entire staff." - Cindy Shuman

  • "I found Mr. Owens to be very professional and extremely sympathetic towards my needs as a result of my injuries. His experience helped guide me through my case and we ultimately won in the end...settled out of court! Thanks for all your help!" - Diane Calahan

  • "Following an automobile accident I sought representation from Wil Owens. Throughout the process he and his staff were always very kind, informative, and diligent in protecting my rights and interests. I knew my case was minor comparatively speaking, however, they never minimized the importance of my situation or claim. I would highly recommend this local law firm!!Sincerely,Christi (Fry) Vinyard" - Christi Fry

  • "This was my first time having to get an attorney and my experience was great. They make sure you fully understand everything that's going on and make sure the case is settled in your favor. I highly recommend this attorney office if you need one." - Dee James

  • "Absolutely 100% the best law firm around. I was completely blown away by the staff with all their generosity and helpfulness every step of the way. Wilbur Owens is hands down the best attorney I have ever met. He was caring, professional, and helpful in all aspects of my case, from the very begining with all my treatments to the very end with my settlement. He was highly recommend to me and I have heard nothing but great things about him and his firm. They truly are the best around and if ths need were to arise again in the future I will gladly come to the law firm of Owens and Mulherin. Wonderful people and they gave me my life back as well as piece of mind, and for that I am and always will be truly thankful." - Courtney Graves

  • "I had a good experience with Mr. Owens and Ms. Teresa. They were very professional and was on point. It was a long process but it was worth the wait. I would recommend anyone to this lawfirm." - Ashley Robertson

  • "My thanks to Mr. Owens and his crew. After getting injured at work , and not knowing what to do I found them thru a local web search. Everyone in the office was great, Will walked me thru my case and explained how it would go. After everything I would highly recommend this law firm. I can't say enough of Mr. Owens and his staff . Thank you for your help!" - Mark Kalla

  • "I worked with Mr. Ownens and his team for my most recent accident involving 2 uninsured motorists, and I am extremely pleased with the way my case was worked, as well as the outcome. I cannot say anything negative about the law firm whatsoever, but I can tell you that being hit by uninsured vehicles is a nightmare." - Nic Schuman

  • "Loved working with me. Mulherin. Didn’t make me feel rushed or pinned against a wall. He gave me the beat and worse case scenario. Went to bat for me when the insurance company thought they could get away with being cheap. Brooke was amazing to work with to. Always answered calls or emails in a timely manner." - Natasha Campbell

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